The Importance of an Elevator Pitch

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Whether you’re at a networking gathering, having a business conversation with a colleague, or starting off an interview with a stranger, being able to introduce yourself effectively can be crucial to your success. The elevator pitch is a simple and effective way to introduce yourself. 

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief summary of who you are. The length of the elevator ride (roughly 30-60 seconds or 75 words) is the duration for which it should be delivered. You can use an elevator pitch to sell yourself as a professional as well as an idea or a product.

Why is an elevator pitch important?

An effective elevator pitch demonstrates professional skills, strengths, and abilities in a concise manner. Furthermore, an elevator pitch can be used in a variety of situations, which makes it particularly valuable. When applying for jobs, it is especially important to have an elevator pitch prepared (so you are ready for unexpected opportunities).

As per Lakrisha Davis, here is a great elevator pitch example.

1. Who are you?

“I’m Lakrisha Davis. I am a resume writer in career coach with, a background in HR recruiting, of four years or something like that.”

2. What can you do?

The “who you are” is essentially your name, your title, your education, the industries you’ve worked in the number of years of experience. The second question is what you can do. So that needs to be laser-focused on the job description at hand. You can position this answer you’re going to be calling out specific fields that you have.

“I help fortune 500 companies reduce their hiring cycle. From going through interviews through innovative, recruiting strategies” 

“I specialize in recruiting top talent, coming up with DEI initiatives and retention strategies”

3. Why are you the best?

And then the third question is why you are the best. So this is usually some type of soft skill or unique value proposition that you offer. So for me, if I was interviewing for a career coaching position, “What makes me a great fit for this role is I understand both sides of the desk. I’ve worked as a recruiter for a number of years that I also have experienced working with thousands of job seekers, to come up with strategies that would happen.”

4. What is your goal?

And then the fourth question is what do you want? What is your goal?

“That is to leverage my years in the career coaching business, as a private business, and leverage those skills and bring it to an organization to make an impact.”


You heard it from a career advisor herself. When you create your elevator pitch one step at a time, you can easily create a speech that can be used in any professional situation. As you prepare for your next networking event or job interview, elevator pitches can be helpful. Draft, review, refine and deliver your elevator pitch with confidence – it could be the beginning of a new opportunity.


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