Purpose + Passion = Success

It is often proclaimed that one should “follow their passion” to find a career where one feels fulfilled and thriving. Despite the recommendation’s obvious wisdom, we don’t have a unified understanding of what really constitutes a passion, an understanding of the connection between passion, purpose, and performance, and a knowledge of how passion is expressed.

There is a tendency to view passion as simply a hobby, a favorite pastime, or a sport that one finds consuming, but it is so much more. Understand passion as an expression of your deeper purpose, rather than as a leisure activity you enjoy. Passion is the manifestation of purpose in action.

I have described in previous articles 10 distinct passion archetypes that exist in everyone. You need to be able to read your three drivers in order to appreciate how your purpose informs your career and personal decisions as you seek an outlet for the passions your purpose brings to life.

It is similar to being encouraged to express your purpose when you are advised to pursue your passion. Like the DNA double helix, they are intimately intertwined. It cannot be overstated how important it is to appreciate this connection as you navigate your career and encounter forks in the road.


Purpose, passion, and performance

Purpose is a critical component of your success at work, even if you don’t feel that you can accurately describe it at this point. If you want to learn more about it, consider the things that have captured your imagination or piqued your curiosity. Reflect on the qualities of the assignments you found most fulfilling.

Can you identify any common threads? Did you have any passions during that time? You can leverage your passions for future success if you use them as a compass to better understand your purpose.

Research has shown that purpose is what allows us to exhibit perseverance or grit – the determination to go forward despite difficulties or setbacks, and the willingness to commit ourselves to our goals. Our passions are an expression of our deepest beliefs about the role we’re meant to play in the world when we are living firmly within the zone of our purpose.

Ultimately, our purpose and passion fuel our pursuit of goals, both personal and professional, even when it isn’t easy.

You can redefine what it means to be in your current role regardless of your profession or job level by finding a connection between the work you do and your purpose. Your perspective about work changes and you begin to view it as a playground for expressing your passions and pursuing goals. Taking advantage of the connection between purpose and passion transforms work from a job you are paid to accomplish into a lifestyle you are privileged to live.



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