How to Stand Out in any Job Application

How is your job search going?

If you have applied for job openings without success, then your CV might be lost in the pile of countless others that are just as good as or better than yours. Research shows that an average job listing attracts up to 250 applications. As a result, for each job application you send, you will compete against 249 applicants. As far as your preparation for landing a job goes, you may have a good CV, a cover letter, some level of experience, and perhaps some compelling skills as well. However, chances are many others are just as good as you.

Are there any other ways you can distinguish yourself from other qualified applicants?

Show your prospective employer that you are prepared to go the extra mile to show that you deserve the job more than other applicants. But how?


So, here are a few tips to help you stand out from other applicants:

Do your Job Research 

It cannot be over-emphasized how important it is to research the company before deciding to go for a job interview. You must have heard, “research the company,” hundreds of times, and you may wonder, “How does this set me apart from other applicants?”

Candidates rarely do more than surface research on a company to discover basic information such as:

  • Finding out if the company exists.
  • Discovering what the company does.
  • Locating the company’s owners.
  • Salary structure, etc., of the company.


When applying for a job, you should conduct more in-depth research on the company in order to stand out from other candidates. Browse the website, read blogs and reports, read articles about the company on the internet, etc.


Act as though you have already been hired for the job

A smart way to distinguish yourself from other job applicants is to act as if you have the job already. Employers are always looking for candidates with high potentials and enthusiasm, and this is not about dressing up or overacting.

From onboarding, the new hire on the daily practices to getting training materials ready, bringing on a new hire costs employers a lot. According to a survey, a recruiter has to spend an average of $4 to hire a new employee. It always makes an employer happy to see a candidate who has thought about their role at the company before applying.


Put more emphasis on your accomplishments than your skills

Unless they are asked, most job candidates are quick to highlight their skills and qualifications, but not their accomplishments. To stand out from the crowd, you would need to emphasize your accomplishments. Employers are indeed looking for candidates who possess the skills they require to perform the job, but they are also interested in your achievements. You can then demonstrate what you will accomplish if hired by their company.

A person should not simply say, “I did ABC in XYZ company,” when discussing his or her achievements. In your conversation with a prospective employer, make sure you are specific about your accomplishment(s).¬†


Describe yourself in detail

You should be prepared to give detailed information about yourself if you want to stand out among other applicants. For most jobs, job seekers will send their CVs or a cover letter.

To find out if you are the best person for the job, you can go the extra mile by providing the recruiter with all the information they require. Recruiters can picture you as an ideal candidate if you provide them with all the information they need upfront, such as your portfolio, social media pages, and CV.


Demonstrate your growth mindset

A candidate must have the right skill set, but employers are also looking for candidates with great potential and the eagerness to learn as they advance in the job.

We can’t predict what will happen next because things are always changing. Today’s in-demand skill may become obsolete tomorrow. As a result, employers prefer to hire someone who has some skills, but is up for new challenges and is willing to change with the times.


Project a positive personality

There will almost always be well-articulated CVs for skilled workers, but it’s the charisma and positive attitude that will set them apart from their competitors. In some cases, employers disregard a candidate’s work experience but hire them due to their enthusiasm and drive.

Employers can tell if you project a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job that you have the potential of becoming a top performer if given the right training and provided with the right environment.

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