How to Achieve Big, Crazy Dreams

Are you scared to embark on a new journey? How much more so if it’s an unfamiliar place? There are times when we feel self-doubt, but we should not give up on our dreams. It is possible to fulfill your dreams through everyday actions. You can achieve your big dreams by following these steps.

Step 1: Determine Your Destination

Clarify your goals first. Maybe this isn’t as simple as it seems. There is a tendency of putting others’ needs and wants before our own, so determining what YOU want is important.  Identify the direction you want your career to take. Once you’ve identified your goal, you can devise a plan to achieve it. This brings us to step 2…

Finding your destination can provide clarity for what you really want. When we enter a destination into our smartphones, we have the option of choosing multiple routes. Their paths are different and their arrival times are different but one thing remains the same: They all lead to the same place. Wouldn’t it be great if you could type a destination into your GPS and have your biggest dream come true?

Step 2: Map Out Your Journey 

Assume your goal was to become a company owner. What will you do to accomplish this? Can you simply wish you were better, or are there specific steps you have to take? Ensure that your goal is measurable so that you know when you have reached it. Rather than simply wanting to be a company owner, a concrete goal would be to create a company that you believe in where you have specific goals to reach. How much revenue do you intend to make? How many employees are you willing to hire? You can’t beat the feeling of accomplishing your goals. You will retain focus on your final destination when you gain self-confidence after completing one goal.

Step 3: Get Started! 

I believe that this is the most important part. As soon as you decide what you want (also called your destination), just get started! The only way to improve is to get in there and do the work. No matter how good you are, you can always improve. Even if you think you are a master of hairstyling, there is always something to learn, especially since trends are always changing. There is no excuse not to practice, as it is said that it takes 10,000 hours to become good at something.

It is impossible to know everything. And that’s okay! Because this leaves room for growth. It keeps things exciting.  You will get closer to your dreams and goals if you do a little something every day to work towards them.  Doing one small thing every day can help you achieve your goals right now.


The Secret to Achieving Big, Crazy Dreams? Persistence and Consistent Daily Improvement

According to Jeremy Schneider, the secret to achieving big, crazy dreams is simply not giving up and improving oneself little by little to reach that dream. 

Below is an excerpt from our interview with Jeremy Schneider,

“You just can’t give up. And like, when I started in college, you know, starting my company in college, my main asset, I think was just like, ignorance. I didn’t know what I was going up against. I know how hard it was. Um, I guess I had some belief in myself.

I more just had a belief that I didn’t want to work for Microsoft at a time, but didn’t really like, like that job. And so, um, but then it took a long time. I was doing a very bad job for years and, you know, any rational person would have quit. Um, but just persistence is totally necessary because if you’d quit at the first sign of it not working, then everybody would quit because it doesn’t ever work right away. Right. So persistence. And then the second half of that coin is improvement or what I call consistent daily improvement. You know, over the course of years, which is what it takes to like achieve one of these big audacious goals.

You have to knock it up first. And then every single day you have to come in and do something a little bit better. And those two things in combination kind of like paint yourself into a corner where if you never give up and you’re always making yourself better, you’ve painted yourself into a corner.

Like the only place left to go is like eventual success, right? Because. Ratcheting up what you’re doing. And so, and it doesn’t need to be huge improvements, right? You don’t have to like, you know, learn how to do nuclear physics overnight, but just like one little thing each day, like, you know, one little on the website, better social media marketing, better at, uh, building a product, better email marketing, better sales, whatever.

And just like one little thing per day. Over 365 days, that’s 365 things you’ve done better. And if you don’t give up for 10 years, then as 33,650 things that you’ve been doing better. And those things, this has kind of cumulative snowball effect, which ended up having these like big successes over time. But, you know, and one of my favorite sayings is overnight success takes about a decade because when you see it work.

When you see someone who’s been successful or see something that looks really great. You’re like, oh wow. Like they just figured it all out. But what you don’t see is like the grind of 10 years of them doing stupid shit. And eventually, I’m allowed to swear on this podcast and then eventually figuring it out.”



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