Getting Hired Takes More Than Just Being Qualified

Anxiety is a common feeling when going through the process of job application. From making your own resume, to submitting the said resume, waiting for a response from the employer, the interview, results, it’s a lengthy rollercoaster of emotions, and there’s no way to tell how it ends.

Even if a person fits the criteria set by the company that is hiring, there’s still no guarantee that they will be chosen for the job. With millions of people on the hunt for a regular salary, there’s a big probability that hundreds of these people are applying for the same slots.

Now while these last two paragraphs may seem depressing, it’s mostly the normal that people live in each day. And though many get rejected by companies, that also means that people get hired. The question is, what exactly makes these people more appealing towards recruiters and companies?

Anastasia Ecin, a recruiter for the internship program of Tesla, Inc., mentioned some enlightening points during her talk with Lee and Sergio on The Free Retiree Show. She said that applicants who are able to show their passion for the field they are applying to have a better chance of getting hired.

Other than the usual criteria, Anastasia said that recruiters also look at whether or not a hiree will fit in a team, or whether or not they are someone that the team could consider for full time. Basically, it sounds like recruiters are also taking into account the impact that a hiree could have on the company on a personal level.

With this in mind, passion does sound like a good solution for anyone who wants to be more hireable. There’s no reason why an employer would not want an employee who actually wants and loves the job that they have. A passionate employee would most likely have a positive effect on the team they would be assigned to, as well as on the workplace they will be active in.

Another interesting thing that Anastasia stated is that “Passion trumps all.” She believes that some of the skills needed for a job can be learned on the job, but nobody can teach a person how to be passionate, motivated, determined, and hardworking.

So when the time comes that you need to apply for a job and you feel like you don’t have much to offer? Find a way to show your passion. Give the recruiter a reason to want to hire you past all the other qualifications needed. There will still be no guarantees, but maybe it’s just the push needed to get you that job.


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