About Lee Murphy

Your Trusted Wealth Advisor

My name is Lee Michael Murphy, I’m the host of an award winning career and money focused podcast called The Free Retiree Show, and a wealth manager who helps individuals and companies with their retirement planning.

Being a financial advisor goes far beyond setting up clients with a well-diversified investment portfolio. It’s about giving your clients guidance through the good and bad times, understanding your client’s experiences and feelings surrounding money management, and caring about your client’s dreams as much as they do.

The biggest impact on an individual’s financial success isn’t about finding the perfect investment allocation. It’s about understanding one’s financial behavior and habits surround their finances and avoiding bad decisions and habits that don’t coincide with financial science. Being a financial profession allows me to be with clients every step of the way until they obtain their financial goals.

Open communication and honesty are the foundation of the relationships I have with my clients. Helping clients avoid costly financial mistakes by having the courage to tell them when their reasoning is misguided, and being honest with myself and acknowledging that my industry full of too good to be true products, promises, and solutions are a huge part of the problem.

I embrace that there is no such thing as the magic investment, but through prudent financial advice based on financial science, I can help clients accomplish their goals.

The right mindset and habits make all the difference. It helps people make better decisions that lead to them achieving financial success. Giving themselves and their families amazing lives full of limitless opportunities. Their goals are my goals, that is an honor that I will never take for granted.

Highlights and Expertise

  • Independent fiduciary
  • Cash flow management
  • Expertise in asset-based investing
  • Customized plans that help individuals and families accomplish their financial goals
  • Utilizing academic based financial research to help clients achieve financial success
  • Bucket strategy investing
  • Distribution strategist
  • Tax mitigation strategies for retirement plan accounts